Corporate Housing

EFS Housing & Suites is one of the best options if you’re looking for Corporate Housing. Whether it’s for short term stays or long run campaigns, we have you covered with the excellency and comfort you’ll find nowhere else.

Short Term Corporate Housing Made Easy:
For your temporary corporate housing needs, we focus on facilitating the process, making it run seamlessly and smooth in order to save you time, money and hassles.
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An Excelent Choise: Extended Stay Corporate Housing
We have quality corporate apartments available for extended stays as well. If you’re planning a long campaign and you need a partner for accomodations, then we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with us.
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Corporate Housing Rentals
All in all, we make furnished corporate housing rentals available at the best price-quality ratio so that other corporate housing companies can’t compete or even get close to the good deals we offer our clients on a daily basis.
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